Roline VGA HQ kabel (feritna jezgra), HD15 M/F, 20m, crni


Nema na zalihi


Nema na zalihi

– High quality cable for connection of a monitor to a graphics card or VGA splitter or amplifier
– As monitor connection cable with two additional ferrite cores
– 3 coax lines for the RGB signals and 7 AWG28 wires
– Connector casings moulded
– Double screened cable (braided and foil shield)
– Hand locking screws

– Area of application: External
– Colour (Cable): black
– Hand locking screws: Yes
– Cable composition: 3 Coax RGB 7×AWG28
– Cable shielding: Double screened
– Length: 20 m
– Product group: Cable
– Conveyance good: No
– Side 1 connector: D-Sub HD 15 Male
– Side 2 connector: D-Sub HD 15 Female
– Technical particularity: with ferrite

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