Roline VALUE S/FTP mrežni kabel Cat.6a, sivi, 10m


Nema na zalihi


Nema na zalihi

– For data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/s and a bandwidth of 500 MHz
– Patch cable for networking connections between devices
– Prepared shielded Twisted Pair cable (PiMF) with RJ-45 connectors on both ends
– Durable due to moulded kink protection
– Flexible cable, suitable for narrow bending
– Impedance: 100 Ohm
– Contact settings 1:1, in accordance with the EIA/TIA 568 standard
– Construction: 8 lines, pairs shielded with aluminium foil, complete braided shielding

– Colour: Grey
– Length: 10 m
– Shield type: SFTP
– Transfer quality: Cat6A / Class EA
– Quantity of wires: 8
– Conductor type: Wire
– Crossed: No

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